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History of our People: The Old Days of B.M.S.

Back before the start of TCK we were known as BMS. BMS was a group of well trained unstoppable fighters. Back in those days things were run a little differently. The commander of BMS was BUCCSTRICTLAND and ACID the founders of BMS. Each shield district consisted of snipers, guardian, stealth, and infantry. Back in those days RayRay was the Green shield commander. Green shield was known as one of the best districts. Green shield was the only district who kept tabs on its members and was a closely knit group. the commanders at the time were Wallz187 leader of infantry with Scopie05 as his second, Mrrockyoworld13 sniper commander, kendrix92 stealth commander, and cruel werewolf as guardian commander. This Team was when BMS was at its peak. If every commander was in a game together then the other teams chances of victory were slim to none. Mrrockoworld13 was known as the top sniper. He was unstoppable with the sniper in his possession and allowed for support to all players within sight. Kendrix92 better known as Ken Ken, was never spotted. he could take down entire teams without a even giving off his position. cruel Werewolf was like the immovable object. Whenever someone looked his way you would think hes afk while camping on base defense with a shotgun. His K/D tells the story. He went entire game without even getting in on the action. Wallz187 and Scopie05 the deadly duo. both were the constant front-line forces. Energetic and unstoppable both knew how to eliminate target and piss each other off better than anyone else. With this team its no wonder BMS was so feared but BMS wasn't to last forever.

Creation of TCK

TCK has a long history behind it. before we were the kings we were brutes. The brutes were the best of the best and no one outmatched them.The commander of Green shield at the time was none other than RayRay187. RayRay at the time had removed a member Sherlock1 from green shield. this was well within his power. This was mistaken for removal of Sherlock1 from BMS completely. This misunderstanding ultimately would've forced RayRay to relinquish his position but instead most of green shield stood up for him. Despite this RayRay would've been evicted from BMS so instead of giving up, TCK in its early stages was created. at the beginning we still called ourselves BMS but seeing as we left BMS we knew we needed a new identity, something we could call our own. We took the concepts of BMS (the Shield), the elite, well organized, unequaled fighters and reestablished what that means to us(the Skull king). Finally The True Combat king was born.

**we came 2 votes away from being called the "Sky High Mother Fuckers" Thanks Gbert**

Before TCK was TCK there was BMS, BMS was a clan, from which are family formed. The leader of BMS was BUCCSTICTLAND. BMS is where we fist got are districts from, they had infantry, guardian, snipers and stealth ALL in Green shield. The commanders of BMS where RayRay187 being the green shield commander, Wallz187 leading infantry, Mrrockyoworld13 as sniper commander, and Tacopizzahunter was leading stealth, and lastly BMSxBowler was the leader of guardian division, But unfortunately the commanders never appeared on.The conflict which caused RayRay and many other members of BMS to leave and Create TCK was that RayRay had gotten 38 members into his green shield divisions, and felt that he deserved the power equivalent to a white shield, But RayRay's commander ACID Assassin had rather have all of green shield stripped and kick RayRay from BMS. Instead of this outcome many members had left to form TCK. They formed TCK because RayRay understood he would need to come up with something new, because it is wrong to steal something which is not yours, and had much respect for TCK, and during the destruction of BMS many of the high ranking officer felt a safe heaven when under the wing of TCK. 

Here is a very interesting article from the BMS web page that had been posted after the TCK BMS split:
"This is the Brute Mercenary Society(BMS). We are the best thing that has ever happened to Halo. But don't get us twisted, We ARE NOT a Clan. The Brutes are an honorable society made up of friends who will fight until the end for each other. But if on the other team will straight up PWN each others' ASSES! This society is growing everyday, but we would be nothing without our Grand Commanders. I would like to personally thank ACID A55A55IN and BUCCCSTRICTLAND for putting this all together. BMS has undergone a huge problem within the past few months. Members have been leaving but some are returning and with so many new aces, this time will be better. Green Shield recently parted from us as well, and although BMS wishes their clan "TrueCombatKings" good luck as an existing group of BMS, they will also be the new enemy's. The split was caused by a sense of not following orders and we don't accept that in BMS. Our current fleet grows everyday and one must understand its not all about numbers, its about who is better and where they came from to begin with. The new recruits and existing members will rise above what we've been before. We are BMS the Brute Mercenary Society. get MURKED.."

When TCK started it was just a few stray soldiers from BMS such as RayRay, Wallz and Scopie. Soon many others from BMS joined TCK, such as Istolefood, Sprtnslayer05, Tacopizzahunter, and Speciafryrice. But there was one green shield commander, back before  TCK was created, his gamer tag was Rockie. Rockie was trying to be a suck up to ACID Assasin to piss off RayRay and was able to do so, just like Scopie did on April. 23rd 2011. Rockie ended up taking RayRay's green shield when he had left BMS, in response RayRay put him at the bottom of are family.Until this say every new member passes through his shield as a reminder of his mistakes

Gbert was known as RayRay's very first white shield. Gbert had done alot for TCK such as creating the very first TCK webpage, and running there first Myspace page. Gbert was TCK's first webmaster. He was also a great player, and very skillful. Gbert was a excellent friend, and i hope to see many more follow in his foot steps. IStolefood was Gberts replacement when he had left. IStolefood was involved with many of the changes of TCK and a very skillful member, he had made many changes within TCK though he mostly got his position from loyalty.Tacopizzahunter was RayRay's third white shield of TCK, He was one of TCK's main recruiters he was also very involved and one of many of TCK's highly skilled members. Unfortunately, though with TCK's best of luck, he had left to become one of the best Grifball players ever, as part of the Hot Bikini Guys (Every one in the Hot Bikini Guys came from TCK). JohnnyJ420 was the next to impress RayRay and gain himself a Grand Commander Position. JohnyJ420 in many other peoples perspective he was one of TCK's best commanders. He was very involved had crazy skills and lasty had huge charisma though over time he slowly faded away.

This is the earliest roster available :

Green shield:
Grand Commander:iStolefood

Commander:I 4 SHOT U N3XT
TK Mostwanted

Commander:Luis Iza Beast
Diabetic Ninja

ooo" Every Erban Inc"ooo
xSkull king
Oh UR D3ad
Pro Aim 360

Commander: xxEllmin4orxx(MLG Phantom)
Wan Kenobi

The Crusader
Jampack Killa
xXMarky oyXx
Photon Lord

The History within The Kings

Why RayRay went M.I.A.

"No one knows what it is like to be THE King of Kings until you have walked a mile in his crown"

as a Faithful servant of The most High every day I try to be more and more like the almighty. through T.C.K I was able to do just that through the YEARS I have looked over this family with GREAT care, love, respect and wisdom. I lead to countless victory's and over saw many people's fate in courts EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! over and over and over for what seemed like forever. Day in and out it was the same thing and one day I started to get sick of being who I was and just needed a brake. I tried many things from adding more shields to making people commander of the new shields and giving them seconds to help them. All that did was give people more things to bother me with!! So I said "Let there be white shield and it was 3 of the Highest members of T.C.K. to help me manage members and keep me from losing it. but all that did was create more things for people to bug me about. One day The Most High Bless me with my First Son named Sir Adam Harmon born on 1-5-10 he was the new Joy of my life and for his earliest moments in his life I was there and that meant I could not stay here.

TCK's Death

RayRay allowed Scopie05 to reenter TCK around August 2010. Unfortunately for personal reasons RayRay had to return MIA. When RayRay came back around January of 2011. He saw that Scopie05 was one of the only ones still waring the TCK symbol and he was given white shield and told to rebuild T.C.K.. What was left of TCK was scraps. The only originals left were RayRay, mis RayRay, and Wallz. Members who were left were completely unknown. Since RayRay still was in a almost retirement stage Scopie was left on his own. Scopie05 was determined to make TCK what it once was so he pushed to rejuvenate TCK. He knew he needed help so he recruited one of the veterans Sprtnslayer05 as well as a friend Phonicdeathking. Already this group of three resembled the old TCK with their great teamwork an cohesive battle tactics. The beginning of the new TCK arrived. All three persevered to reestablish TCK and successfully recruited nearly 30 people. TCK was back! although they weren't as good as previously, Scopie05, Phonicdeathking, and Sprtnslayer05 will ensure to make this new generation of TCK better then ever before.

Testimonies from Satan 

01/22/12: (Scopie05 remembers when JohnnyJ420 was a Rockie) Satan AKA Scopie05 Himself was recruited by Hendrix92 and Mr. Rockayourworld. He Re-accounts that Taco Pizza Hunter was the creator of the TCK Emblem. Scopie05 

The Day Scopie05 Called Himself RayRay. Scopie05 Re-counts th