True Combat Kings

The True Combat Kings is the Best Gaming Community you can join!!

Green Shield TRACKER

G S L 1

I'll Make A Man Out Of You
Mulan (Mulan)

Welcome to  the family

This is where all TCK Members Started. All Members Of TCK, Including RayRay 187, were once part of the Green Shield. 

During your stay in Green Shield

What To Do To Be Considered A TCK Halo Member

Joining TCK on Halo??

After you have been accepted to the program (If you were), it can take 1 hr up to 2 weeks to Pass Your:  

Basic TCK Education.  

Green Shield basic Member qualifier. 

TCK Audition  

then a week long evaluation.  After that you will be made a Member of the Family.

*  Please Note:  you MUST receive a PASSING Review to be made Member.

If Member miss there milestone they could risk being released at the end of the second week



Service Tag
LVL 1 

 What Next??

At this point you Will: 
1.  Joined the web site:

You may not proceed in this Family until you Join it.
*  Please note ANYTIME we EVER ask for you name we mean Gamer Tag  

2.  Watched The Video or Read The Rules On This page

3.  Agree To All Basic Rules Of TCK

4. Agree To All Basic Rules Of TCK

5.  Sent out A MINIMUM Of 20 friend requests to the COMMANDERS and Members Of TCK NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! 

7 Use the Box below to get Up to date  Information about you and your Family 

Stay Up To Date

  • Subscribing allows you to get site updates. Your email address will be kept private.

Basic Rules For Halo 5 Members

The Basic Rules

RULE 1:  Do Not Betray Other TCK Members

RULE 2:  NO "Tea-bagging" 

RULE 3:  Always Stay In Uniform

RULE 4:  Obey The Chain Of Command

RULE 5:  No Outside Party Chats While In A TCK Lobby

What Will We Work On ??

we will be working on:

1.  Your listening skills:

 Every soldier needs to be able to take orders and pay attention.

2.  mental evaluation:


We need to make sure you are mature and can handle working in a team.


3.  Your teamwork skills:

Can you handle working as team instead of as a lone wolf?

4.  Your Game Play:

Try to Get a K/D Ratio of minimum of -10 per game. Try not to die more than 15 times per game.

Thank You For ALL Your Time!!